Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Los Alamos Study Group, plaintiff v. US DOE et al, defendent

For those not familiar with the attempt to force NNSA and LANL into complying with NEPA.  the August press release by the plaintiff, the Los Alamos Study Group [LASG], is a good place to start. Then one can go to the LASG home page, and fill in the blanks, the attempt by NNSA/DOE to circumvent the National Environmental Policy Act, by offering a Supplement to the 2003 Environmental Impact Statement. the attempt to squash the suit, the response to the squash, etc. The complaint is here.

Do read what is required under NEPA  Council of Environmental Quality Regulations [CEQ-Regs], especially PART 1502--ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT 

Sec. 1502.1 Purpose. eg states:
An environmental impact statement is more than a disclosure document. It shall be used by Federal officials in conjunction with other relevant material to plan actions and make decisions. 
Sec. 1502.14 Alternatives including the proposed action.
This section is the heart of the environmental impact statement. Based on the information and analysis presented in the sections on the Affected Environment (Sec. 1502.15) and the Environmental Consequences (Sec. 1502.16), it should present the environmental impacts of the proposal and the alternatives in comparative form, thus sharply defining the issues and providing a clear basis for choice among options by the decisionmaker and the public. In this section agencies shall:
(a) Rigorously explore and objectively evaluate all reasonable alternatives, and for alternatives which were eliminated from detailed study, briefly discuss the reasons for their having been eliminated. (b) Devote substantial treatment to each alternative considered in detail including the proposed action so that reviewers may evaluate their comparative merits.
(c) Include reasonable alternatives not within the jurisdiction of the lead agency.
(d) Include the alternative of no action.

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